Neurostimulation Pelvic Nerves

Neurostimulation is a young and dynamic medical field with
a wide range of different approaches.

Mission to help millions of patients

NeuroGyn AG is a Swiss medtech company that develops and markets innovative solutions in the field of neurotechnology for the international medical market. Our mission is to help physicians improve the quality of life of millions of patients with pelvic nerve disorders through the use of surgical as well as stimulation systems.

The GNS therapy® and the LION Procedures®- revolutionary methods to treat Pelvic Nerves Dysfunctions 

- The GNS therapy® - is a revolutionary method for implanting a neuroprothesis to the genital nerves for treatment pelvic pain and organs dysfunctions (> 1.2 Bil. peoples Worldwide) that will revolutionize the Global Women Health Market.

- The LION procedure® consists in the laparoscopic implantation of a neuroprothesis to the pelvic nerves. This procedure is already helping paraplegics to recover walking function. The capability of continuous “in-body” nerves stimulation opens the door to a whole new areas of medical therapies: osteoporosis (200Mi. women worldwide), arteriosclerosis (>1Mi. death/y), „prolonged bed-rest”and sarcopenia (aging control). This evolution finds revolutionary applications in the world of space missions, preventive medicine and Fitness industry (e-body®) to Global Human Market. Possover’s personal vision is to achieve a slow down of the neurological aging of the whole human population through e-body-control.

Prof. Possover is an internationally renowned french gynecologist and founder of the Neuropelveology, the branch of medicine that focuses on pelvic nerves pathologies. Neuropelveologic therapies base on laparoscopic reconstructive neurosurgery and implantation of neuroprothesis for neuromodulation of the pelvic nerves. Due to an imperative need for adequate devices and because of lack of market’s innovations, Possover set-up the NeuroGyn AG with the aim of developing such a pacemaker specifically designed for both the GNS and the LION procedures. The clinical effectiveness of these therapies no longer needs to be proven but requires the development of an appropriate neuroprothesis. NeuroGyn neuroprothesis bases on requirements for clinicians and is designed for both the LION and GNS procedures. The objective of NeuroGyn is to revolutionize standard treatment options for several medical conditions by introducing pelvic neuromodulation as standard treatments in Medicine. NeuroGyn is developing new innovative solutions in the domain of neurotechnology for the international medical markets with the mission to improve the quality of life for hundreds of millions of patients. NeuroGyn’s products are the result of modern R&D based on the latest findings in the Neuropelveology & Women Health.

Our products are the result of state-of-the-art research using the latest findings from neuropelveology, the medical field that deals with the pelvic nerves and their diseases. The "Courve Tunneling Applicator" is the first product in the LION-Stim Therapy family. With the help of this applicator system, operations to place stimulation electrodes on the pelvic nerves can be shortened and simplified many times over.