NeuroGyn Neuromodulation System

Pelvic Organs Dsyfunctions such as Overactive Bladder, Urinary and Fecal Incontinence, or chronic constipation negatively affect quality of life of both women and men. Our initial focus and the bigger market is women, who more often seek help.

First line treatment for Overactive Bladder (OAB) (by gynecologists) is medication with anticholinergic agents, but severe side effects lead to 70-90% discontinuation rate at 12 months. Patients then move on to neurourologists, administering mostly Botox injections, which are problematic because of urinary tract infections and a need for patients to be able to self-catheterize.

An effective treatment with less complications and higher patient comfort exists and is based on Sacral Nerves Modulation (SNM). But surgery is difficult, and it is only rarely administered: only 0.35% of Gynecologists perform SNM. Even so, it is a rapidly growing business with $500 mill. Sales in 2022.

NeuroGyn overcomes the limitations of SNM with a different surgical approach, the GNS procedure (Genital Nerves Stimulation), which can be cheaply performed in local anesthesia and ambulatory sector. Most importantly, it can be done by all gynecologists – the physicians that own the original patient contact! – a crucial advantage that will enable us to win market share from the incumbent players.

We develop “the NeuroGyn Neuromodulation System”, consisting of a neurostimulator implant and handheld control and charging device, suitable for both the GNS and the LION procedures and corresponding fields of indications are US-patented by Possover.