Owned by Possover, the International School of Neuropelveology GmbH – “ISNP” is the professional training center for clinical medicine and professional education with certifications in neuropelveology (www.possover-neuropelveology.com). Possover is the Pioneer and Founder of the Neuropelveology which medical discipline deals with diagnosis and therapies in neuropelveology. Possover is also the Founder and Chairman of the International Society of Neuropelveology (www.theison.org).

Part of Neuropelveological therapeutic options is the neuromodulation of the pelvic nerves. Two groundbreaking techniques for pelvic neuromodulation have been developed and patented by Possover:

  • the LION procedure® which technique enables the placement on minimal invasive way of stimulation’s electrodes to all pelvic nerves and plexuses by laparoscopy,
  • the Genital Nerves Stimulation also called GNS procedure® for stimulation of the genital nerves outside the pelvis for treatment all pelvic urinary and fecal disorders, bur also – and the first time in pelvic neuromodulation – erectile dysfunctions.

Physicians have therefore the opportunity to trained both procedures in theory and in pratical exercices (on human cadavers) with certifications in both surgical techniques of implantation.

The ISNP represents the combination NeuroGyn®’s high-tech products with doctors‘ actions, and through academic promotion and certifications, the developed products are safely applied to the clinic. Located in Switzerland, the ISNP GmbH was completed in 2008.